Mustafa Can Uslu

Born in Söke, 1992.
Met with the computer in 1997.
Sleeping with computers since 2004.
Using GNU/Linux since 2006.
Using Python since 2010.
Handling big data since 2012.
Graduated as  Physics Engineer in 2015.
Occupied as a full-stack data scientist at one of Turkey’s first deep learning companies till 2021 for almost 7 years.
Joined Turkey’s rising star ISP as a senior data scientist/data engineer in 2021 and became AI Technical Leader by 2023.

Currently, I’m leading the “brain team” as AI Tech Lead in TurkNet whose members are capable of processing all kinds of data types (image, text, audio, time-series, etc.) and converting them to value with passion. What we are focusing on nowadays can be listed below:

  • Utilizing both LLMs and rule-based approaches simultaneously to create a solution provider for all customer needs with a customized knowledge base, internal service calls, and so on. The solution provider can work both fully customized (no need for any API calls to any provider, completely offline) and provider-supported (integrated with ChatGPT, BERT, etc.)
  • Building near real-time audio processing architecture to understand the customer’s complaints and requests that are received via phone calls. Using customized speech-to-text models and then applying NLP procedures for text classification & sentiment analysis and prompt templating for answering pre-defined questions, each single raw or interim data point is used to make customers happy and satisfied.
  • Document processing & understanding pipeline for all kinds of documents (ID cards, forms, contracts, passports, receipts, etc.) in Turkish, frees the required manpower that handles manual checks on documents by performing all the necessary actions such as document classification, OCR for both handwritten and printed texts, signature detection and verification, ID verification on person photo, etc.

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