Mustafa Can Uslu

Born in Söke, 1992.
Met with the computer in 1997.
Sleeping with computers since 2004.
Using GNU/Linux since 2006.
Using Python since 2010.
Handling big data since 2012.
Graduated in Physics Engineering in 2015.
Occupied as a data engineer at one of Turkey’s first deep learning companies till 2021 for almost 7 years.
Joined Turkey’s rising star ISP as a senior data scientist/data engineer in 2021 and became AI Technical Leader by 2023.

Currently, I’m building end-to-end monitoring architecture for country-wide network equipment and applying machine learning / deep learning methodologies on both network and customer-related data. Recent projects may be listed as follows:

  • Streaming data infrastructure for fault prevention and instant notification
  • Explanatory works for AI studies, analytics, reports, etc.
  • Time-series & NoSQL database integrations to perform blazing fast operational support
  • Installation and development of network data collectors
  • Supporting operation teams with
    • document processing and understanding applications with OCR / NLP
    • speech-to-text methods for IVR channels

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